Reel Sticks Can Generate Up To $1000 Per Court

"The Retractable Singles Stick"

You are watching the next great tennis invention.
Have you ever wondered why you don't see singles sticks at clubs?
Well the answer is, it is just too much trouble for most club owners.
REEL STICKS solves the problem.

USTA Flushing Meadows Adopts Reel Sticks Innovation

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How to Install?
Why You Need This?
How to Make a Profit?
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$69.95 per court

Has your budget been cut? Then let Reel Sticks solve your problem!

"After setting up one court with Reel Sticks I was able to sell the advertising on the cover housing for $750 a court for the year. It was a very easy sell to the members who own businesses. With 10 courts, it's like finding $7500 a year for our budget. The device looks great and everyone is very pleased. We can now offer our members a court that looks and plays like a professional court. Win win for everyone. Great product!"

Larry Klingenberg, Director of Tennis
Pine Forest Country Club

"We have enjoyed the convenience and professional look to the product. Our High Performance juniors can now practice with more “real” match conditions by simply erecting the easily measured and placed Reel Sticks. Our just completed USTA National Boys 12 Indoors utilized the sticks by quickly switching from singles to doubles without the past hassles of searching for sticks and imperfectly measuring for placement."

Whitney Kraft, Director of Tennis
National Tennis Center Flushing Meadows

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