Reel Sticks Can Generate Up To $1000 Per Court


The Problems with Singles Sticks 

    If players do not practice with singles sticks then when confronted with them during a tournament match they become a practical and psychological performance barrier.

    In order for the average player to use singles sticks they would have to get the sticks out of the storage shed, have a tape measure and know the measurement to install singles stick.

    Typically players do not see singles sticks except at certain USTA events and worst of all, the first time most junior players ever see singles sticks is at the biggest match of their young careers.

    The first rule of tennis requires the use of singles sticks in order to make a net the regulation height for singles and this critical rule has been largely ignored by our sport because of the impracticality of the singles stick installation process. 


 The Reel Stick Solution

    Reel Sticks are permanently mounted onto the existing net post in 5 minutes without tools.

    The stainless steel cable determines the exact position of the singles stick and holds it in the stored position for doubles.

    The stainless steel adjustment fitting allows precise adjustment of the cable length to the exact distance during initial installation.

    The net band cradle provides for a precise elevation of the net.

    The wide base prevents damage to the court surface and stabilizes the stick during use for singles and storage during doubles.

    The use of Reel Sticks by players on the courts where they practice and play will create an advantage for those tennis players.

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